Top of the morning to ya always doing accents is a strange but fun way to wake up. Back in my twenties, I would wake up even with the summer hangover walk out of the summer (house trailer)and scream at the top of my lungs Good Morning Lake Amanda! You would here shut up! Or good morning on a good day yelled right back from the other side of the lake. It always and still does bring a smile to my face bring it up again. Time goes by but it always feels like yesterday to me. I stop during the day and just reflect back when all was well and moods were happy. Now all I can say is ugh here we go again I have no real people around me from them days to reflect with. I have offers to come visit with old friends and here from there mouth, you may not want to leave once you get here and see how beautiful it is. Maybe that’s it, I don’t want to start over no, it is it. I have lost everything become homeless and started over but still won’t leave this town. I think I’m just stuck in my own hell yet won’t leave it either. Money is something we have to have to get what we want. I believe someone wanted what I had and set out to get it. I let it happen and it makes me so mad because it still happens to me. Not so much as to lose it all again but what, my income well it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m using what social security I get just to scrape by now and who ever is fixated on my ass isn’t far away. I have really ignored someone and pissed in there wheaties. It’s has been so bad the property is even getting damaged every week it seems like something else to spend what extra cash I have and it’s usually the truck, all I have left. I think I will just buy another vehicle but then I think we’ll they will have a whole new one to distroy. I really am frustrated at the lack of belief in the truth. It all has truly been turned around and seems like I’m doing all of it. But “it’s just not me" doing it. The whole back bumper is dented it’s like bumper truck instead of bumper cars. Here I’m ranting just what this person wants they get off on it and into my home still as if I don’t know. If I go ranting to friends or the law it gets worse. This person has been around me a long time but is no friend of mine yet acts like they are. Who, what, and why him,her, well I have accused everyone. This person is good at keeping there mouth shut up and is able to follow everything including this new phone. I have only had three this last year that’s good to what is was before that. My phones just suddenly start making strange events happen like random calls or people on when I call a friend you here them hang up but then you here another person hang up after. I just can’t be for sure but yeah I suspect but I really want to be sure before i can prove beyond a doubt this is the Destroyer! The one who stole my pot of gold I called life.




I am a not so shy writer from your average small town

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Arejmon is J. j. Miller

Arejmon is J. j. Miller

I am a not so shy writer from your average small town

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